Wednesday, July 15, 2009

way of six pack abs

Author : Nitin Soni

Everyone wishes to have six packs abs but only few are successful in that. This signifies that others are definitely doing some mistakes which are hampering their entire routine. But if you do not want to make mistakes and reach your goal of getting ripped six packs abs then you can follow some very basic start up plans which will surely help you in going a long way. Try to give due importance to each and every aspect of your health and body to achieve those six pack.

1. The first thing that need to be given due importance is your diet and nutrition. Dieting should be avoided at any cost while working out for six packs abs. Your body accumulates energy required for carrying out exercises from healthy food itself. Food that provides you carbohydrates, fats and protein all in the required amount is the best for these workouts. You have to stop consuming fatty food, junk food and food that increases your cholesterol.

2. The second step towards achievement of the right abs to make your body structure correct. Underweight and overweight body is not good for six packs abs. You should do aerobics, cardio, jogging for making your body healthy and perfect. Many people commit this mistake of not analyzing their body type before working out hard core. It becomes difficult to enhance your muscles without a proper body shape.

3. Analyze how much your body can tolerate. You should never do those exercises which your body cannot handle or tolerate. It is very important to take care of your health otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired results. Never try to over do your body. Each person has different levels of endurance and people should stick to them only. Many people needlessly risk their lives by doing even those exercises which their body just cannot tolerate.

4. Never start workouts before a warm up session. You should never miss your warm up exercise. These exercises are very important because they help the body nerves to relax simultaneously prepare the body for hard core exercises.

5. Have a variety of exercises. You should have a routine for doing various exercises when working out. Each part of your body should benefit and not just abs. You should know your abdominal very well. Try and consult some physicians for a regular check ups before starting off with exercises.

6. Have a trainer: Perform the workouts in guidance and supervision of an expert otherwise you may end up doing all wrong exercises. Many people commit this mistake of working out on their own which only leads to undesired results.